miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2021

Low Wave Studios Track24

Track24 focuses on tape saturation without the more mechanical artifacts like wow/flutter.

Technically, that should mean you get the warmth without any of the other noise. Track24 has a tone section offering four different filter presets inspired by two different tape machines.

Type I is a preset created from a Swiss-made tape machine running at 30ips. The second preset, Type II is based on a Japanese tape machine running at 30ips. The same Japanese machine was used to create Type III, this time running at 15ips. There is a Neutral preset, which is a completely flat response.

Texture slider:  When you apply saturation, you are adding harmonics that warm or thicken the original tone. There are even and odd harmonics, and some analog gear will add more evens than odd or vice versa. In simple terms, even harmonics can feel like adding warmth, support, and stability, much like playing octaves on a keyboard. Odd harmonics can be a bit brighter and grittier. Being able to control that texture with a simple slider is a nice touch.

You also get a pair of high and low-pass filters that are pre-saturation, which means they are shaping the incoming signal. There is a 4X oversample button to help avoid aliasing, although it may introduce slight latency issues. Lastly, there is a dry/wet mix control to blend the clean and saturated signals.


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