sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2015


The developement team Max Project and CPS have been released their first synthesizer plugin together – Carma. The VST-synth for electronic music includes two different oscillators with eight waveforms eachand a FM and Ring modulation option. There are also two LFOs, a flexible matrix section for individual modulations, an arpeggiator, some effects delay, reverb, EQ and a chorus. A filter section with different filter modes like a 303 filter for acid sounds is also been given.
Last but not least you’ll find 70 presets (16 by CPS and 54 presets by Max Project) in this wavedraw synthesizer for actual music styles House, Future House, Trance and EDM.


miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015


Roazhon DSP. BrainStormer.
VA Synth



Multi Effector

LFX-1310 is a Free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm and 3 serial slots. This freeware is the stand-alone version of Effecting Module of Ravity-S & Ravity-R. Every algorithm realizes the very effect you have on your mind, and is fully optimized for low CPU load.



An open source freeware virtual analogue synthesizer featuring a rather capable synthesis engine and a very nice looking user interface.


The Ensembletron String Synth

Planet Botch’s new Ensembletron VSTi serves only one purpose, but it serves that purpose extremely well, in an eminently user-friendly manner. This is a virtual analogue string machine inspired by classic 1970s beasts such as the Solina and Roland string synths. However, the Ensembletron is by no means a copy.

Apart from offering a high quality yet gritty and slightly rough string sound with a great balance of fidelity and warmth, the Ensembletron features a unique three-stage Ensemble section which animates and adds stereo spatial spread to the output. As you might expect, there are adjustments for slow attack, decay and sustain, but there’s also an advanced yet simple-to-use Tone Management system which can significantly change the character of the sound from vintage to modern.


u-he protoverb

Protoverb is an experimental reverb based on the idea of a "room simulator". Most algorithmic reverbs try to avoid resonances or model the reflections of sound from a rooms walls. Protoverb does the opposite. It builds up as many room resonances as possible, modeling the body of air in the room. It therefore does not need to modulate or colour the signal. The result is a very natural sounding reverbration with some interesting features: Long standing frequencies resonate louder, as if the air takes some time to get excited. Multiple instruments don't mash into a diffuse mud, they stay distinct. If you play a short melody, the room seems to repeat a ghost echo of that melody. Those properties are indeed found in churches and large halls, but they're rarely found in conventional algorithmic reverbs.


sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015


distortion LUT unit with extra gate/loudness/bypass and unique powerful DistoCore distortion curves
linear, cosine, cubic and hermite LUT interpolation modes
filter unit including band-pass, band-stop and 12/24 dB HP/LP filters
ring modulator
phaser FX
DC Bassdrum::Murda based GUI with fancy knobs/indicators
56 built-in dirty distortion presets focused on hardcore kickdrum processing

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Grace sampler

Grace makes up for it with a brilliant workflow and easy access to all of the plugin’s parameters. Building a new sample library from scratch is an incredibly simple task with this plugin.
In addition to the standard sample editing controls, Grace also features a highly flexible modulation section which can help you transform static samples into exciting and lively sounds. It also comes with a nice sounding set of multi-mode filters, a pair of step sequencers and several XY pads which are very helpful in live performance situations.
Following a similar workflow ethic as the one we’ve seen in One Small Clue’s amazing Poise drum sampler, every possible action can be achieved in no more than just a couple of clicks. Building an entirely new preset from scratch (with modulations and everything else) is most often done in a matter of minutes. Compared to various more powerful (and quite often needlessly over-bloated) sampler instruments on the market, Grace is an absolute joy to use.


martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Line of Legends

Line of Legends is a free drum plugin created by VST4FREE specifically for Hip Hop beat makers, using free drum samples released by RealDrumSamples.com. The GUI is divided in 8 sections: Kick, Snare, Clap, Snap, Toms, Hi-Hat, Ride and Crash, each using its own individual output. Also features punch knobs for attack sculpting and Release, Pan knobs. In total Line of Legends comes with 47 high-quality drum samples.



DRX8R is a hybrid plugin including a reverb and a compressor module, designed primarily for drums, but that can be used on any audio source. The strength of this plugin is the CPU low consumption and the Compressor unit, so you will get two useful plugins in one.



MuVerb free plugin effect developed by MuTools, is a versatile nice standalone Reverb from Mu-Lab application, available only for Windows users. MuVerb features some useful controls such as Decay, Damping, Wet/Dry, PreDly, Amp, Speed, and two filters Filter F and Filter Q.



EXD-80 is a free Drum VST instrument plugin for Windows, featuring 8 drum modules, 4 stereo output pairs (each has its own stereo effects section) and also featuring 128 drum kit patches with 16 preset drum kits. EXD-80 can be used in any EDM music style from Electro, Industrial, Dubstep to Ambient, Bass, Hip Hop and more.


Impakter de la Mancha

Impakter is a powerful drum tool and one of the best free drum plugin tested and used by us, featuring over 300 drum samples generated by analogue synths like Korg MS20, Roland Juno60, Kakken SX-150 and drum machines such as Yamaha MR-10, Korg KPR-77, Mattel Synsonics and Antonelli Organ 2377 rhythm box.
Impakter comes with 4 modules for kick, snare, hats and percussion sounds, 52 presets covering a range of sounds and styles plus more.


Rhythm Labs Twin Delay

Twin Delay is a VST plugin designed for emulation of digital and analogue delay effects. The program is not an exact copy of already existing hardware-based equipment, nevertheless it can be used for producing a majority of popular effects, as well as some modulation and 'unusual' effects, for instance Flanger, Metallizer. Special attention have been given to analogue delay algorithms, that make it possible to create beautiful and original sounds, frequently used in such genres as IDM, Experimental, Breaks and especially Dub, as well as genres that use Dub elements: Dub techno, Dubstep, Dubwise and so on.


Rythm Labs Mo-Verb

Mo' Verb is a reverberator, based on original algorithms, combining simulation of spring and digital reverbs. In our plug-in we did our best to provide basis for creating of wide spectrum of timbres, make smooth and warm sound, handy and intuitive interface for making the required sound easy and fast. While making our reverb algorithm we used specially created program for the search of inner parameters to make the sound of the reverb smooth and clear.


TAL reverb 4

TAL-Reverb-4 is a standalone version of the high quality reverb implemented in TAL-Sampler.
  • Modulated vintage reverb sound. 
  • Very diffuse sound. 
  • Fast build up time, also with long reverb sounds. 
  • Works on almost every audio material. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Only stereo channels supported.

lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Smartelectronix AnalogDelay

It consist in a delay unit followed by a 2nd order lowpass filter with saturation. The delay-time can evolve between 0 and max-delay which lets you be very accurate. You can also synchronise the delay to the tempo with different resolutions from 1/128 to 1 bar and control the way the delay-time is interpolated with the kind of interpolation and the time-constant.


sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015


MaxSynths has announced that its Bass Module, Crisalys, Cryologic, DR-910, Latte, Nero, and WTS-1 instrument plugins and DSP-3 Bus, DSP-2 Vocal, and DSP-1 Drums effect plugins are now available as freeware.

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

TDR Nova

NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer. Appearing in the familiar layout of a parametric equalizer, each band also includes a full featured dynamics section allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Be it a master lacking density, the drum bus asking for more crispiness, or a sibilance problem in your perfect take: NOVA has an elegant answer.

A user friendly WYSIWYG drag and drop display paired with a classic “knob” interface gives quick and smooth access to the various parameters driving NOVA’s powerful processing capabilities. With its four dynamic EQ bands and additional high-pass and low-pass filter sections, NOVA can meet the most exotic demand. Intuitive equal loudness functions help finding the optimal setting without getting distracted by loudness differences.

In practice, the processor covers a whole bucket of tasks:

Parametric equalization
Dynamic equalization
Frequency selective compression/expansion
Multi-band compression/expansion
Wideband compression



Charisma Synth

the Charisma Blue Synth.
New: Filter-Section with 9 different settings LP1, LP2, HP1, HP2, Moog, LP+Resonance, HP+Resonance, Band Pass+Resonance, Band Reject+Resonance.
And the LFO became a new Destination Filter Resonance.

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

Noisebud Midsider

Midsider will help those who work with Reaper to add mid/side capabilities to any plugin with a minimum of setup. Check the tutorial video, you’ll be mid/side’ing in no time.

If you use Midsider for creative effects, remember that anything added to just the side signal will be lost in mono. Use our plugin Leaky or use other methods to add some of your effect to the mid channel as well.


jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Sanford rev + delay

Sanford Reverb was originally priced at $25 when it was first released back in March 2009. The plugin was updated to v2.0 in July that same year, with the price increased to $35 for the full version. The brand new v2.1 iteration of Sanford Reverb is completely free to download from the developer’s website and also compatible with 64-bit systems. This is the third Sanford Sound Design product that was re-released as freeware this year, following Sanford Delay and Bass Tightener.

The plugin is one of the most versatile freeware reverbs on today’s market, at least when it comes to 64-bit compatible products. Sanford Reverb offers ultra precise control over early reflections (three early reflection points per stereo channel with time, pan and level parameters), global pre-delay, time and damp controls, MIDI learn, modulation for emulating cavernous spaces and a pair of filters for tone control. The plugin also features freeze mode for creative sound design. Freeze is one of the most fun features you can find in a reverb effect, definitely worth experimenting with. It works great for enhancing the sound of soloed instruments, lush vocals, or even those huge EDM style build-ups.
The CPU usage is surprisingly low for a reverb plugin. During our test on a single core Intel processor in MuLab 6, the CPU hit never exceeded 3% for a single instance of Sanford Reverb. The plugin strikes a nice balance between a quality reverb sound and low resource consumption, which are the two main qualities of a good reverb effect for everyday use in mixing situations.


viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Marazmator 2.0

Marazmator 2.0, a freeware experimental virtual synthesizer .

Marazmator was written in Delphi and the developer spent over ten years making it (according to the info available in the official product announcement). The fact that the plugin was in the making for such a long period of time is probably the reason why the GUI is so small by today’s standards (only 560 pixels wide). On the other hand, Marazmator is a very stable plugin, which is obviously a positive result of such a long development cycle.


DQ65 Free Dynamic Equalizer

DQ65 is a 5-band dynamic equalizer with a simple yet quite effective workflow. The plugin features two gain controls per band, one for louder one one for quieter parts of the signal. By controlling the value of this two parameters, it is possible to process the signal in ways which wouldn’t be achievable with a standard parametric EQ.


viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Bitsonic TB-303

Bitsonic TB-303 is a poly/monophonic bass line synthesiser with a single digitally modelled analogue oscillator, filter and decay envelope.


martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

The Canary

Singing Drums Audio Plugin

Add the right tone to your drums
Make them sound crisp and full
Get that extra "punch"
Suitable for all shells in your set

The Canary may come in handy when recording and/or mixing drums. Whether your sound is missing some brilliance or has no tone, the Canary is designed to fill the gaps. The plug-in can be suitable for any shell and will enhance the attack and sustain (with parametric key/pitch knob) just as needed.

domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

The deputy Mark II

The deputy Mark II
A synth in the tradition of classic string machines and early "polyphonic" synthesizers, written in native C++ code for high performance.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015


If you want to create wild glitch-type effects then Glitchmachines should be your first stop. The company makes some incredible paid plug-ins but Hysteresis is one of its free offerings, combining a delay with a stutter module in an effect capable of making robotic timbres and wildly malfunctioning rhythmic patterns.


Hadron Particle Synthesiser

The Hadron Particle Synth is actually a hybrid of several things – as well as being a synthesizer, it’s a sampler and an effect. Like other granulator effects it breaks down sound into tiny pieces, making it ideal for creating strange vocals as well as delicate distortion. Partikkel Audio is so confident this is a leap on from granular synthesis that the company has dubbed the technology “particle synthesis”.



Fracture is another of Glitchmachines’ free effects. It works by buffering the incoming audio then sending it through a filter, three LFOs and a delay, a process capable of shaking your sounds apart. Its interface is a little less intuitive than Hysteresis, but it’s just as capable of creating hyper-detailed sounds. The fun to be had from Fracture is almost endless, but combining it with a saw wave to create massive iridescent lead sounds is probably one of the most fun things you can do with it.


Audio Assault’s Defacer is the most metal plug-in you’re likely to find, both in name and function. It’s basically a distortion effect, but one that totally mangles any incoming audio as opposed to just making it rough around the edges, and with a few twists of the knobs you can add pretty much any sound and be given a tinnitus-inducing blast of noise. When you need to make some noise but nothing else is quite cutting it, Defacer is one to try.


lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Klanghem MJUC jr.

MJUC jr. is the little brother of the colorful MJUC.

It's a variable-mu** design with lots of vibe. capable of smooth leveling but also heavy pumping effects. With its two gain stages and interstage transformer simulation it offers a very deep and lively soundstage.
The three-position timing switch not only controls the attack and release times of the unit, but also the slew rate of the transformers and the timing of the other parts of the circuitry, that are directly influencing the generated harmonics (saturation).


ATK Colored Compressor & Expander

ATKColoredCompressor - a compressor with a color section modulating gain around the threshold.
ATKColoredExpander - an expander with a similar color section.

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

Big Beauty - Multi Effect

For use with guitar, but useful with any instrument
Amp channel with distortion
Effects include:


Midi Learn



YAVA3 is a synth designed for big pads and weird sound effects plus rasping leads, Many thanks are owed to Dimitri Schkoda for the presets, but this synth is built for the experimenters amongst you.. Most of its power lies in the huge modulation matrix


sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2015

Oxe FM Synth

Oxe FM Synth is a freeware VST 2.4 instrument plugin for Windows.

Multitimbral (16 MIDI channels);
8 operators (6 oscillators, 1 noise generator/limiter, 1 filter), all with envelope;
1 LFO per channel;
frequency modulation half-matrix with self-modulation;
global reverb and delay;
great general performance in low resources systems;
a lot of good quality patches included (thanks to Annabelle, Summa and Teksonic);
external skin support (download lcd, snow, tx802 skins by Layzer andtotolitoto’s skin by David Frappaz).

sábado, 18 de julio de 2015

Beatfactory Drums

Beatskillz has released Beatfactory Drums, a free Drum Kit Plugin for Mac OS X and Windows (32- & 64-bit versions).
The UI is simple and straightforward featuring a volume fader and a pan knob for each of the 12 pads per kit. The pads are neatly labelled for the type of drum sample loaded on it, as well as the key which triggers the sample.
10 Kits Included:
  • ​808 Kit.
  • 80s Kit.
  • Dubstep Kit 1.
  • Dubstep Kit 2.
  • Hip Hop Kit 1.
  • Hip Hop Kit 2.
  • Trap Kit.
  • Samples Kit 1.
  • Samples Kit 2.
  • Indian Kit.

T Rex Bass & Delay

Max Project has announced the release of T.Rex Bass and T.Rex Delay, free VST instrument and effect plugins for Windows.
T.Rex Bass is a bass synth with an arpeggiator, a step LFO, Delay, Reverb and EQ.
T.Rex Delay is a tempo synchronizable delay.


TAL-Reverb-4 is a standalone plugin version of the high quality reverb implemented in TAL-Sampler.
  • Modulated vintage reverb sound.
  • Very diffuse sound.
  • Fast build up time, also with long reverb sounds.
  • Works on almost every audio material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Only stereo channels supported.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2015


TSE BOD v2.1.0

The B.O.D is emulating a well known bass processing unit.
If you need a good bass-tone quick, try this one!

rf Destroyer

rf Destroyer is a free multi-FX VST plugin. With multiple effect units in one page. Destroyer is useful for sound design and shaping the sound into something more exciting.

Effect units:
- Noise gate
- Drive and Distortion
- Bit crusher
- Pre and master filters
- Equalizer
- Compressor and Limiter
- Flanger and Chorus
- Delays and Reverb

martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Cherry Snare

Acoustic snare drum
This custom snare drum was hand crafted by Ebenor Percussion into cherry wood. This is a warm sounding 14x7 inches snare drum with a 1/2 inch thickness and a 45 degree chamfer, mounted with triple flange hoops dressed by a 2 plies coated drumhead.
It was recorded using 5 microphones (2 on top, 1 at the bottom and a stereo matched pair for the room sound), giving the possibility to mix the final sound from 4 channels. Top and bottom condenser mics were recorded through a tube preamp using NOS vintage 12AX7 tubes driven to a class A digital converter. Top dynamic mic and the stereo room condenser mics were picked up from a top notch soundcard's transistor preamps.

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2015

Seven Phases Spectrum Analyzer

Seven Phases Spectrum Analyzer is a real-time spectrum analysis VST plugin. The idea was to create an old-fashioned tool reminiscent of classic hardware analyzers of the earlier centuries. Unlike most of other analyzers available these days, this plugin is not FFT-based but utilizes a filter-bank algorithms that mould its unique pros and cons.

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

DSK drums


AudioDamage FuzzPlus3

Back by popular demand, a ground-up rewrite of our popular FuzzPlus series. Featuring the same much-loved vintage fuzz pedal model, plus a new filter, self-feedback, and a modern procedural user interface.


Quite special collection. 
Nature sound generators, physical models, midi utilities, experimental synths...


Guitar Amps



Nick Crow lab

Studio Devil (free)

Le Pou


(...) -> search !!

More info:

lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

Live FX Processor

Multichannel FX Processor and Software Mixing Console

It`s up to you! inTone can be anything. It is a simple jamming tool as well as sophisticated playback machine. It is live production mixer that processes multiple audio inputs with studio plug-ins, plays files and play virtual instruments, with ability to change a track, effect or instrument configuration in no time! It is also a multitrack recorder, but you can make it be something completely different.

Audio Chains

inTone allows you to route any of your sound card inputs into any audio chain. Each of them features gain knob, FX section, volume fader, bypass, mute and solo buttons, AUX sends and individual recorder. Any chain can be routed to any sound card output or inTone`s Master Chain.


Kern synth

Full Bucket Music.

Kern is a VST™2.4 polyphonic software synthesizer plug-in for Microsoft Windows®(both 32 and 64 bit) designed to run with and to be fully controlled by modern MIDI keyboard controllers like the Novation® Impulse™. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and extremely low CPU consumption.

Designed to run with and to be fully controlled by modern MIDI keyboard controllers like the Novation Impulse.