miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Semantic Audio SAFE project

Semantic Plugins

The SAFE Project is motivated by the lack of statistically-defined transferable semantic terms in music production and the requirement for more intuitive control of low-level parameters. One of the main outcomes of the project is a suite of DAW plug-ins that allow you to both save and load semantic terms from within the audio production workflow. This means you can now control your audio effect plug-ins using terms that normal human beings can understand! Just type a term (such as warm, bright, etc…) into the text-box, and if we have it on our server, your parameters will be moved around to represent this. Similarly, if you achieve an effect that can be explained in semantic terms, input it into the box and hit save. As the plug-ins are based on the music production community, the more users that input terms, the more representative the effects become for everyone else!



lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

Mercuriall TubesCreamer

Drive/Distortion effect
The modeling is based on a real circuit of the Ibanez TS-808.
Mod switch: "808" for a default sound of the Ibanez TS-808 and "Mod" for getting a cleaner sound with slightly more bass when "Drive" is at the minimum.
Low CPU usage.
Stereo and Mono modes.
Low (no oversampling) and High (4x oversampling) Quality switch.


three parallel chained bandpass filters
mostly based on structure of MAM RS3

modes of LFO to filter cutoff
Mode1 = LFO1(+) > BPF1, LFO1(+) > BPF2, LFO1(+) > BPF3
Mode2 = LFO1(+) > BPF1, LFO2(+/-) > BPF2, LFO1(+) > BPF3
Mode3 = LFO1(+) > BPF1, LFO1(-) > BPF2, LFO2(+/-) > BPF3  

You can modulate filter frequencies by LFO and Env Follower.
There are 2 LFO units.
The speed of LFO2 is 1.3 times faster that LFO1.