viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

OrilRiver Reverb

OrilRiver is a free algorithmic reverberation plugin available in VST2 format for Windows (in the future it is planned to develop for Mac).
With this plugin it is possible to simulate the reverberation of a small room and great hall.
Features OrilRiver:
- OrilRiver has a classic parameters such as "Damping", "Stereo width", "Pre-delay", "Room size", "Diffusion" and an parameter as "Damping intensity." which allows you to change the reverb decay time of high frequencies.
- 12 variations of the early reflections.
- 3 variations of the reverb tail.
- 3-band equalizer for the wet signal, which helps to create different shades of the virtual space.
- Reverb algorithm is written in assembly language, so signal processing provides a low CPU load.
- 64-bit internal signal processing.

sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2016

Stereo Delay

CodePlex / Sharki
Stereo Delay - it's a VST plugin. Independent delay line for both channels. You can control delay time (up to 1s), low pass filter and panorama for delay signal, feedback strength. Common controls for both channel it's mix of dry and wet signal and stereo width of delay signal. Created with JUCE Framework, VST SDK 2.4 and MSVC++.

OverDubber 2

OverDubber 2 is the sequel of the first freeware dub delay effect released back in the summer of 2013.
OverDubber 2 free delay VST can be used to get those morphing/distorting Dubstep tails (“Trippy tails”) sound effects.
This plugin is suitable for music styles like Dub, TripHop, DnB, also for EDM build ups when used with its pitch shifter.
This new version comes with some improved internal effects, a bigger user interface and some new features such as the pitch shifting module, a bitcrusher, a new multi-mode filter and the pitch-mod that simulates a reel control which can be used to increase or decrease the amount of the delayed signal.
More features to mention: two-tap delay, MIDI-Learn, panic button, the Explode button, and more others.
“Basically, OverDubber is a stereo delay plugin but it has a filter, a big crusher, a pitch shifter and an automatic stereo pitch LFO in the feedback loop, quite an unusual combo.”

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

Bug Drive

This is a three band overdrive / distortion effect made together with Multree from Betabugs Audio. It’s quite simple and easy to use, but can produce quite nice overdrive effects if adjusted well to the respective sound source.

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016


monophonic synthesizer
Based on the structure of Oberheim SEM.

It is a virtual analog monophonic synthesizer featuring two oscillators and a sub/noise generator, two ADS envelopes (no release parameter), a single LFO, portamento, a 2-slot modulation matrix, and a built-in delay effect. The user interface is fully resizable and also features a built-in patch browser with a rather well implemented patch randomization future. It is possible to prevent certain sections of the synth engine from changing their value when randomizing the patch, which is a neat touch.
Being a monophonic synth it is more than capable of creating some great sounding bass and lead sounds, as well as all sorts of noisy and blippy sound effects. The instrument sounds very nice overall (both the oscillators and the filters are quite decent) and it’s easy to program thanks to the well designed user interface.


The swedish developers JB and CPS have been released a small synth with two oscillators with 16 waveforms, two envelopes and LFOs, three effects (chorus, reverb and decimator) and one filter section with three different filter modes(LP, HP, BP). Additionally there’s a fatner to create sounds more wide and fat. The sounds are specificated for Melbourne Bounce and EDM styles.



The swedish software-developers of Infected Sounds (Johan and Carl) have released a new freeware synth called Splash. This synth has got four oscillators, two modulation- and one amp envelopes with individual slopes, two different matrixes (one for LFOs and envelopes each). Every oscillator has got 42 different waveforms. An effect section with distortion, bit reducer, 4-band-EQ, Chorus, Reverb is included too.
It’s suitable for music genres like Diablo House, Future House, Tropical House, Deep House, Melbourne Bounce and EDM as well.


Xhip synth

xhe xxx-xated xound xource

Xhip was originally designed as a basic synthesizer used inside a tracker ("acid tracker") around 1999. Before that it had existed in pieces as small tools for generating samples to be used in more common trackers.
With the addition of a second oscillator, super-saw unison, two filters, a waveshaper, pairs of modulators (envelopes, and LFOs); Features like ringmod, xmod, filter input FM, saturation and global unison Xhip has become far more than its original intention.
Xhip allows you to produce the highest quality dual-oscillator polyphonic synthesizer sounds similar to classic poly synthesizers of the late 80s. Strings, synth pads, basses, leads, organs, pianos, percussions, bells, vocals, sound effects and more are demonstrated in the included bank.

jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

Xhip Effects

Xhip Effects
xhe xxx-xated xffects?

These effect plugins were originally created for use with Xhip. Originally Xhip was to have embedded effects. It was later decided that external plugins would be more versatile and easier to manage when used for other tasks.

The latest version of the Xhip Effects bundle consists of 13 plugins in total: clipper, compressor, envelope follower, noise gate, limiter, delay, multiplier, phaser, s&h quantizer, rectifier, reverb, tremolo and ring modulator.

The quality of the included plugins is very high and it’s quite surprising that Xhip’s freeware effects aren’t more popular. As a toolbox for every day mixing and sound design tasks, the Xhip Effects collection works quite well, especially for users with slower machines. Xhip’s plugins are very well optimized and they use only a tiny fraction of the available CPU resources. In fact, this is one of the most lightweight FX bundles around in terms of storage requirements as well. The installer is only 620 KB in size.


lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2016

SaschArt easyLimiter

easyLimiter is a simple lookahead limiter optimized for performance and ease of use. The plugin is quite transparent, even when pushed towards somewhat more extreme settings. It works best for quick limiting tasks, though, when used on individual tracks, or on a less busy bus and master channels.
Extremely lightweight in terms of CPU consumption, which seems to be one of the SaschArt’s priorities while developing his plugins (and rightfully so). This is particularly important when it comes to the limiter plugin, as it is one of the most CPU friendly limiters currently available.

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

SaschArt delays

panDelay is a simple delay effect which allows the user to pan the delayed signal towards the left or the right stereo channel. The interface features only five control parameters: delay rate, pan, feedback and a pair of dry/wet volume sliders. The controls are pretty straightforward and the plugin itself is very easy to use. It’s worth noting that the delay rate parameter is smooth, meaning that you won’t hear any clicks or pops while changing the rate value (particularly useful if you’re automating the rate parameter in your DAW).


Double Delay with left and right separate knobs, smooth rate changing. Very low resources taken!
Double Delay for best left/right delay control....  

pongDelay 2
Enhanced ping pong delay, smooth rate changing, pan width. Extremely low resources taken!
Easy delay for nice audio effects.... 

Voxengo Tempo Delay 2

Tempo Delay 2 is a stereo delay effect with separate multi-mode filters and tremolo effects in each channel. The control scheme is somewhat unusual, as it features an internal BPM setting (which can be freely adjusted or synced to the host application’s tempo setting) in addition to the Delay and Rep Period controls in both channels. The Delay parameter sets the initial delay time, whereas the Rep Period control determines the delay speed after that.
The built-in filters are quite aggressive, with rather wild resonance which sound great when combined with longer feedback times. Changing the BPM value while the delay is active results in a smooth pitch shifting effect which can be put to good use in a variety of sound design scenarios.
CTRL + drag will simultaneously change the same control parameter in the left and right channels, whereas CTRL + double click will set the clicked parameter to the same value in both channels.

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016

DX Reverb Light

The DX Reverb Light is the ULTIMATE FREE reverb plug-in for PC and Mac. The DX Reverb Light offers astonishing quality and extreme flexibility, allowing you to simulate from small rooms with sudden attacks and coloration characteristic of small spaces to large natural-sounding spaces with spread attack and build of a concert hall.