jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

TX16WX sampler

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a plug-in for the creative musician, inspired and modeled after the best hardware samplers with all the ease and new exiting features modern software brings.
A multitimbral instrument that actually samples, and with a documented file format so you never will be locked in to a single instrument.


miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

Aegis Sonix

Xenobioz has released Aegis Sonix, a free synth plugin available in VST format for Windows. This free virtual instrument is inspired by the Aegis Sonix, an early software synthesizer for the Amiga.
The main features of Aegis Sonix free synth are the Drawable Oscillator and LFO waveforms and a special type of Phase Distortion.

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015


EqualizerCombining the best elements of selected vintage gear into a single plugin, SonEQ is a three band (bass, middle, and treble) digital equalizer with a pre-amp section.



GSnap is an auto-tune effect. It can be used subtly to correct the pitch of a vocal, or, with more extreme settings, to create a robot-voice effect.


KeroVee is a Pitch-Correction plug-in that works as a VST effect. It can pitch-detect and retune to specified scales or MIDI notes. 'Bypass' and 'SubTone' mix are also available.


Son of a Pitch 1.1
The pitch of the incoming signal is controllable via the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO. The pitch knob ranges from +3 octaves to -3 octaves of the original pitch. The effect also features an LFO controlled filter section. There are 3 filters to choose from, 2 SV filters and a butterworth filter. The filter section can be bypassed sending the dry signal straight to the pitch bender.

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2015

Text to Speech

VST Speek is a free vocal synthesis VST plugin for recreating the old skool robotic text to speech we all love. Choose a preset, type any text and let’s speak ! Techno is reactivated


This is the best Yamaha DX7 emulation in the freeware world.
The plugin is closely modeled on the architecture and sound characteristics of the legendary DX7. In fact, it is even capable of loading the original SysEx programs for the DX7, hundreds upon hundreds of which are freely available on the world wide web.
Dexed by Digital Suburban.


Scylla Granular sample-playback combined with subtractive synthesis.
Scylla includes three different types of oscillators that can be modified to a wide variety of styles and three built-in samplers that can accommodate .wav audio samples, which can be played back in grain table, waveform, sample or single hit format. All the audio can be modified and modulated through LFO, volume and filter envelopes, Ring-Modulation, and Unison.


domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Pecheneg Tremolo

Pecheneg Tremolo, this plugin is actually much more than a simple tremolo effect. It can also work as an auto-pan utility and a high precision faux sidechain generator (for emulating the volume pumping effect without using a compressor).


Syntler Drumper 1

Drumper is an original groovebox designed by Russian developer Synthler, available as a VST plug-in for Windows.
Drumper gives you the ability to player two drum/percussion kits simultaneously and mix them together or with the included rhythm pattern presets.
The GUI gives you access to delay, phaser and repeat effects, volume control for the snare, hi-hats and percussions, one envelope, two LFOs with depth, speed, shape and sync adjustments. You also get accent and open hi-hat lines and Syntler has included 11 patterns with random variant. You can also edit and create patterns.
Last, Drumper can be controlled from your MIDI keyboard.

Syntler Drumper 1