martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

* Monosynth with Polyphonic ‘string’ section. * Quirky features which first showed up on the 1981 Concertmate MG-1 are properly implemented. *The GUI overlays complex audio processing ‘algorithms’ - unique to Manx & which have taken years to develop - in an effort to give the Gigmate a more authentic analog sound. * Midi Learn for all parameters; Patch memory system with full library. * Sample & Hold , Ring Modulation, Osc sync, audio frequency LFO, and more besides..........

Side by side monophonic & polyphonic modes are authentically reproduced and it's not merely a gimmick - it effectively gives you three oscillators under each key and can lead to some amazing and unique sounds. For version 2 we have totally redesigned the envelope and filter sections; control systems (such as the ‘auto env trigger’) have been improved upon and the patch library has been completely updated to accommodate the version 2’s new dynamics.

lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Filter Grizzly 2

Rich on character and warmth, the completely overworked filter module is loaded with a tube-based filter drive unit for saturation, followed by an analog modelled 4-pole lowpass and 2-pole highpass filter with a passive controlled feedback circuit! The FilterGrizzly2 gives you nearly one-to-one the filter of the upcoming MonoGrizzly 2 synthesizer, all informations about that you can find here: blog/coming-soon-monogrizzly2