jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Mantra evo

Mantra Evo it´s a plugin that combines 2 synths with several effects.
It is based on an FM synth and a Phase Dist synth.
Both of these synths are gifted with a morphing system that will morph the basic waves into some more complex ones.
Each of these synths are also gifted with 5 envelopes (amp, pitch, filter, modulation and morphing).
The modulation of these synths is based on FM modulation system using kbd and depth.
On the filter envelope you can tweak just cutoff, resonance or both.
Each of these synths are gifted of an LFO with two targets, dedicated filter, free speed knob, sync option and waveform choice.
There is a Chorus for each synth too, making your sounds phater.


miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Syncersoft free pack

Urban Nexus
Gangnam Vocoder
Ambient: Electrical Noise Lite
Sounds of old TV games
Analog Galaxy
Analog Nexus
Analog Warp
Bass Landscapes
Amusing sounds of the body
Analog Voice
Lizard Morph
Q9 Oldvox
Electro Bass Landscapes
Saw Landscapes
Polyvoks Station


The installer is full of addware!!!
better unzip them and extract the DLL

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Flux bittersweet

Bittersweet v3 is a free software processing tool for managing audio transients. Turning the big wheel button on the sweet side, decreases the transients amplitude. On the bitter side the transients amplitude is magnified.

Also: Stereo Tool v3 features ultra precise control of input gain and individual pan for left and right channels. A phase inverter is available on each channel. Global stereo pan and stereo width settings are also implemented to complete the management of the stereo signal.
Stereo Tool v3 also offers accurate visual feedback reflecting the signal content. A vector scope display, PPM meters for both inputs and outputs, and a phase correlation meter permanently monitor the signal.

viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2014


GBand - Band-pass filter.
GChorus - Chorus effect.
GClip - Wave-shaping signal clipper.
GComp - Compressor.
GComp2 - Compressor.
GDelay - Delay effect.
GDuckDly - Ducking delay effect.
GFader - Signal gain (-100 to 0 dB).
GGain - Signal gain (-12 to 12 dB).
GGate - Gate.
GGrain - Granular resynthesis.
GHi - High-pass filter.
GLow - Low-pass filter.
GLFO - Triple LFO effect.
GMax - Limiter.
GMonoBass - Bass stereo imaging effect.
GMulti - Multi-band compressor and stereo enhancer.
GNormal - Noise generator for avoiding denormal problems.
GRevDly - Reverse delay effect.
GSnap - Pitch-correction.
GTune - Chromatic tuner.

GSinth - Mono synth using three continuous portamento sine generators.
GSinth2 - Extends GSinth by adding triangle, square and saw-tooth wave shapes.
Packages - Packaged downloads.
Betas - Beta-release plug-ins.

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014



With my new A1StereoControl plugin you will be able to expand
or limit the STEREO WIDENESS of your tracks using only one
single knob. This powerful technique can be used on single tracks
or groups tracks while mixing or even on a master bus in final
mastering situations.


Ragnarök, a VST 2.4 software instrument designed to simulate a custom-built one-of-a-kind analog synthesizer from 1980.

Ragnarök is the collaborative work of Hans Peter aka CrimsonWarlockaka TechnoGremlin (synth concept, GUI design, user manual, patch programming) and Björn aka Full Bucket (DSP+GUI+patch programming).

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014


Volko Audio has announced the release of darbuka-nut, a new Middle Eastern percussion instrument. darbuka-nut is designed for alternative sound needs. It brings you some quality nut darbuka sounds from Anatolia for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  • Ayoub-Zar.
  • Baio.
  • Dubstep.
  • Fallahi.
  • Rock.
  • Roman Havasi.
  • Saidi.
  • Nut Darbuka - Kırmızı Gül.
  • 8.5"X14.5".
  • Copper.
  • 5 screws.


Audio Assault has released Transient, a free Envelope Shaper plug-in for VST/RTAS/AAX on Windows and VST/AU/RTAS/AAX on Mac OS X.
Increase the attack of a snare, highlight picking on an acoustic guitar or smash a drum room.
Use the x2 switch to double the intensity of the effect.

Korzenie kick

Korzenie kick

Saltline has released Korzenie kick, a free kick drum creator VST synthesizer plugin
Korzenie kick is dedicated to kick drum sounds. Kick features 3 layers, body, mid and FM/noise. Each layer has it’s own pitch and volume envelopes with several curve options giving a great degree of flexibility and control over the sounds attack and decay.