jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

Melda MOscilloscope

MOscilloscope is a powerful oscilloscope equipped with a pitch detector:
simply – wow! This thing delivers that WOW factor right out of the box.With most oscilloscopes, you’d have to do some manual work first in order to zoom onto the desired section of the waveform. But MOscilloscope does all the hard work for you, thanks to its built-in pitch detector which locks on to a single cycle of the waveform like a boss. 
n addition, MOscilloscope packs all of the great features found in MeldaProduction plugins, such as a fully customizable and resizable user interface, precise input monitoring, GPU acceleration, and so on. They’ve really improved the visual style of their plugins with the last few updates, making them compatible with absolutely any screen size and workflow you can think off.



MeldaProduction MWaveFolder Distortion Effect

MWaveFolder is one of the most useful and versatile distortion effects that you can download for free.
Inspired by the creamy sound of analog distortion and packed in a modern interface with loads of added features, MWaveFolder is a must-have tool in your sound shaping toolkit. Whether you want to quickly distort your audio, or tweak it very precisely so that it perfectly fits a busy mix, there’s little doubt that you’ll be able to achieve your goal with this great little freebie by MeldaProduction. The coolest thing about this plugin is the insane amount of different distortion flavors that you can get out of it.



viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

Ignite Amps PTEq-X

Vintage tube program equalizer, combining 3 passive EQs, carefully emulated through advanced filtering and tube simulation algorithms.

PTEq-X is the evolution of the Ignite Amps previously released PTEq-1a plug-in.


miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016


Jayqualizer is a parametric 8-band EQ that allows you to make certain settings for your mixdown-tracks. Each single band could be activated or deactivated. Sixteen presets and a visual spectrum analyser is also been given.


miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

jsComp - jsCompShaper

jsComp y jsCompShaper

Yet another compressor, but this one has the ability to morph between soft-knee compression and waveshaping as desired. Furthermore, it provides pre-/post-emphasis filtering (similar to a side-chain filter) and a more analog-like attack than jsCompmorph between soft-knee compression and waveshaping as desired. Furthermore, it provides pre-/post-emphasis filtering (similar to a side-chain filter) and a more analog-like attack than jsComp, a simple hard-knee compressor followed by a switchable brickwall limiter.


Orpheus is a rather neat virtual string machine, totally worth checking out if you’re into synthesizers of this type. B.Serrano’s latest freeware creation features two generators, each with four different sound types (three string types + organ) and a set of ADSR envelopes, tone, level and pan controls, pitch drift controls and unison voice count setting. The instrument can also operate in monophonic mode with portamento, which is quite unusual for a string machine.

Orpheus v2. This new release adds many new features:
2 Ensembles.
128 voices polyphonic.
Drifting effect.
Auto Bend.
Mono mode with portamento.
3 bands resonators.
Mod Matrix.
Embedded patch management.

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2016


HY-Plugins has announced the release of HY-Filter, a free filter effect.

4 filter modes:
  • SVF: state variable filter. (LP, BP, HP).
  • Formant: formant filter.
  • Telephone: telephone line filter.
  • Comb: comb filter.

Devil Bass Module

Devil Soundz has announced the release of Devil Bass Module 2.5, a free VST instrument plugin for Windows for creating deep to high smooth and vibrant basses.


Orion Sound Module

SampleScience has announced the release ofOrion Sound Module, a free rompler instrument for Windows and Mac OS X.
The idea behind the Orion Sound Module plugin is to provide a rompler based on public domain samples that can be used to create royalty-free loops.
At first, the plugin was made for in-house loop production but SampleScience decided to share it with the world in the spirit of giving back to the community that gave them so much.
The result is a free 3GB rompler.