sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2015


The developement team Max Project and CPS have been released their first synthesizer plugin together – Carma. The VST-synth for electronic music includes two different oscillators with eight waveforms eachand a FM and Ring modulation option. There are also two LFOs, a flexible matrix section for individual modulations, an arpeggiator, some effects delay, reverb, EQ and a chorus. A filter section with different filter modes like a 303 filter for acid sounds is also been given.
Last but not least you’ll find 70 presets (16 by CPS and 54 presets by Max Project) in this wavedraw synthesizer for actual music styles House, Future House, Trance and EDM.


miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015


Roazhon DSP. BrainStormer.
VA Synth



Multi Effector

LFX-1310 is a Free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm and 3 serial slots. This freeware is the stand-alone version of Effecting Module of Ravity-S & Ravity-R. Every algorithm realizes the very effect you have on your mind, and is fully optimized for low CPU load.



An open source freeware virtual analogue synthesizer featuring a rather capable synthesis engine and a very nice looking user interface.


The Ensembletron String Synth

Planet Botch’s new Ensembletron VSTi serves only one purpose, but it serves that purpose extremely well, in an eminently user-friendly manner. This is a virtual analogue string machine inspired by classic 1970s beasts such as the Solina and Roland string synths. However, the Ensembletron is by no means a copy.

Apart from offering a high quality yet gritty and slightly rough string sound with a great balance of fidelity and warmth, the Ensembletron features a unique three-stage Ensemble section which animates and adds stereo spatial spread to the output. As you might expect, there are adjustments for slow attack, decay and sustain, but there’s also an advanced yet simple-to-use Tone Management system which can significantly change the character of the sound from vintage to modern.


u-he protoverb

Protoverb is an experimental reverb based on the idea of a "room simulator". Most algorithmic reverbs try to avoid resonances or model the reflections of sound from a rooms walls. Protoverb does the opposite. It builds up as many room resonances as possible, modeling the body of air in the room. It therefore does not need to modulate or colour the signal. The result is a very natural sounding reverbration with some interesting features: Long standing frequencies resonate louder, as if the air takes some time to get excited. Multiple instruments don't mash into a diffuse mud, they stay distinct. If you play a short melody, the room seems to repeat a ghost echo of that melody. Those properties are indeed found in churches and large halls, but they're rarely found in conventional algorithmic reverbs.


sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015


distortion LUT unit with extra gate/loudness/bypass and unique powerful DistoCore distortion curves
linear, cosine, cubic and hermite LUT interpolation modes
filter unit including band-pass, band-stop and 12/24 dB HP/LP filters
ring modulator
phaser FX
DC Bassdrum::Murda based GUI with fancy knobs/indicators
56 built-in dirty distortion presets focused on hardcore kickdrum processing

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Grace sampler

Grace makes up for it with a brilliant workflow and easy access to all of the plugin’s parameters. Building a new sample library from scratch is an incredibly simple task with this plugin.
In addition to the standard sample editing controls, Grace also features a highly flexible modulation section which can help you transform static samples into exciting and lively sounds. It also comes with a nice sounding set of multi-mode filters, a pair of step sequencers and several XY pads which are very helpful in live performance situations.
Following a similar workflow ethic as the one we’ve seen in One Small Clue’s amazing Poise drum sampler, every possible action can be achieved in no more than just a couple of clicks. Building an entirely new preset from scratch (with modulations and everything else) is most often done in a matter of minutes. Compared to various more powerful (and quite often needlessly over-bloated) sampler instruments on the market, Grace is an absolute joy to use.


martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Line of Legends

Line of Legends is a free drum plugin created by VST4FREE specifically for Hip Hop beat makers, using free drum samples released by RealDrumSamples.com. The GUI is divided in 8 sections: Kick, Snare, Clap, Snap, Toms, Hi-Hat, Ride and Crash, each using its own individual output. Also features punch knobs for attack sculpting and Release, Pan knobs. In total Line of Legends comes with 47 high-quality drum samples.



DRX8R is a hybrid plugin including a reverb and a compressor module, designed primarily for drums, but that can be used on any audio source. The strength of this plugin is the CPU low consumption and the Compressor unit, so you will get two useful plugins in one.



MuVerb free plugin effect developed by MuTools, is a versatile nice standalone Reverb from Mu-Lab application, available only for Windows users. MuVerb features some useful controls such as Decay, Damping, Wet/Dry, PreDly, Amp, Speed, and two filters Filter F and Filter Q.



EXD-80 is a free Drum VST instrument plugin for Windows, featuring 8 drum modules, 4 stereo output pairs (each has its own stereo effects section) and also featuring 128 drum kit patches with 16 preset drum kits. EXD-80 can be used in any EDM music style from Electro, Industrial, Dubstep to Ambient, Bass, Hip Hop and more.


Impakter de la Mancha

Impakter is a powerful drum tool and one of the best free drum plugin tested and used by us, featuring over 300 drum samples generated by analogue synths like Korg MS20, Roland Juno60, Kakken SX-150 and drum machines such as Yamaha MR-10, Korg KPR-77, Mattel Synsonics and Antonelli Organ 2377 rhythm box.
Impakter comes with 4 modules for kick, snare, hats and percussion sounds, 52 presets covering a range of sounds and styles plus more.


Rhythm Labs Twin Delay

Twin Delay is a VST plugin designed for emulation of digital and analogue delay effects. The program is not an exact copy of already existing hardware-based equipment, nevertheless it can be used for producing a majority of popular effects, as well as some modulation and 'unusual' effects, for instance Flanger, Metallizer. Special attention have been given to analogue delay algorithms, that make it possible to create beautiful and original sounds, frequently used in such genres as IDM, Experimental, Breaks and especially Dub, as well as genres that use Dub elements: Dub techno, Dubstep, Dubwise and so on.


Rythm Labs Mo-Verb

Mo' Verb is a reverberator, based on original algorithms, combining simulation of spring and digital reverbs. In our plug-in we did our best to provide basis for creating of wide spectrum of timbres, make smooth and warm sound, handy and intuitive interface for making the required sound easy and fast. While making our reverb algorithm we used specially created program for the search of inner parameters to make the sound of the reverb smooth and clear.


TAL reverb 4

TAL-Reverb-4 is a standalone version of the high quality reverb implemented in TAL-Sampler.
  • Modulated vintage reverb sound. 
  • Very diffuse sound. 
  • Fast build up time, also with long reverb sounds. 
  • Works on almost every audio material. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Only stereo channels supported.