lunes, 11 de junio de 2018

Regrader Lo-Fi Delay

Regrader features multiple audio-degrading modules in the feedback path, resulting in an interesting lo-fi effect. Apart from the basic Echoes section which controls the delay time, feedback, and mix, the plugin also includes a Filter section, as well as Gravel, Horror, and Warble modules. Gravel and Warble control stereo and pitch modulation, whereas Horror distorts the feedback signal via bitcrushing and sample rate reduction. The Filter module contains a resonant low-pass filter which can be modulated as well.

Buzz Cut Audio Clipper

Buzz Cut is a clipper effect featuring a live waveform display which shows the amplitude of the incoming audio signal in real time. The waveform display also shows the area affected by the clipper circuit to help visualize the amount of applied clipping. The plugin’s features are somewhat reminiscent of the old GClip effect by GVST.


SocaLabs has introduced Maths, a freeware VST/AU plugin for processing stereo audio signals based on user-definable math formulas.
Maths is definitely not your standard audio effect. Instead of using knobs and sliders to shape the sound, the user should instead input a formula which will tell the plugin what to do. It is possible to define up to four automatable parameters which can be adjusted using the four provided knobs or via
DAW automation. Maths supports 25 built-in functions, fourteen operators, and one ternary operator.

Bark Of Dog 2 High-Pass Filter

Bark of Dog 2 is a resonant high-pass filter plugin designed for cleaning up the extreme bass frequencies while, at the same time, being able to boost a part of the low-end spectrum. The new version of the plugin expands on the original Bark of Dog by introducing two additional filtering modes: Passive and Combo. The default mode, labeled Classic, is exactly the same as the original Bark of Dog’s single processing mode.
The new filtering modes: The first one, called Passive, is modeled after the classic Pultec passive equalizer design. This filter design is famous because of the “Pultec low-end trick” for boosting the bass frequencies, also known as the “push-pull technique”. The technique essentially consists of removing unwanted bass content while also boosting the cutoff frequency, thus increasing clarity and improving the bass presence at the same time. Bark of Dog 2 does the latter while operating in Passive mode, using the Boost knob to add more bass at the cutoff point. However, when set to Passive mode, Bark of Dog 2 doesn’t remove any frequency content below the cutoff point. It simply works as a single peak EQ band with a fixed curve.

Lazerwave Waveshaping Synthesizer

Lazerwave is a polyphonic virtual synthesizer with three waveshaping oscillators. The oscillators are based on a triangle wave which can be transformed using three different waveshaping modes. The waveshaping is done with an 8-point visual editor which can cover a decent range of timbres. Unfortunately, the waveshaper points can’t be modulated. Instead, the user can modulate the pitch of all three oscillators independently using the two built-in LFO modules.

The plugin also features a simple delay effect with mono, stereo, and ping pong modes. As for the filters, Lazerwave includes a resonant low-pass filter and a high-pass filter with a fixed resonance. The low-pass filter can be modulated with the built-in step sequencer, either synced to host tempo or in freely timed mode. The sequencer can be smoothed out for a more gradual filter modulation.

martes, 5 de junio de 2018

subspace reverb

Zynaptiq has announced the release of Subspace, a "super-lush sounding, and totally streamlined" reverb plugin.

It is based on the allpass reverb module found in Zynaptiq's Morph 2, Wormhole and Adaptiverb plugins, and features just two controls: a switch that selects one of four presets – aptly named A, B, C and Z – and a dry-wet control.

Free and available exclusively to Zynaptiq newsletter subscribers.

Synth1 Librarian VST Plugin

Neutrino Sky Synth1 Librarian is a free VST plugin designed to accompany Ichiro Toda’s Synth1 Analog Synth VST instrument.  It allows you to quickly find patches within your patch library – useful when you have over 17,000 patches!

Fender's Riffstation Pro

Fender's Riffstation Pro
Standalone software application designed for guitar players to practice, learn and create jam tracks easily with the music you already have in your collection.
Riffstation Pro is an amazing tool for beginners and advanced guitar players and will help unlock your potential as a guitarist.

Polyverse Wider

Wider takes the massively popular stereo section from its sibling, Manipulator, and creates the illusion of an expanded stereo image of a mono signal to an awe-inspiring amount of width. However, Wider is a unique stereo plugin in the sense that it is completely “mono-compatible”, meaning that any signal that has been extended will always remain in phase with itself, even if summed to mono.

Thanks to Wider’s one-of-a-kind all pass and comb filtering algorithm, a natural sounding stereo image is created from a mono channel, without compromising the phase between the sides! Instead, Wider cancels itself out when summed to mono, so the original signal is left intact.

Wider can be used to increase the stereo image of any mono signal up to 200% of full stereo for an extra wide, exaggerated effect.