domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

LCF Vintage Solid State LC High/Lowpass Filter

Vintage Solid State LC High/Lowpass Filter

Low pass bypass , 8,000hz, 6,000hz, 4,000hz, 2,000hz
High Pass bypass , 45hz, 70hz, 160hz, 360hz

Sweetens the high end and takes away harshness even without using filter!

Sample Rate Support: up to 192 khz

Bit Depth: 64 bits

viernes, 28 de abril de 2017


An incredibly talented artist who goes by the name Necromare created an amazing amount of VST instruments a few years back. These instruments range from traditional pianos, music boxes and brass instruments to wild soundscapes and horror instruments that are perfect for Halloween.

viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

Throb clock

A free plugin for all your clock needs

Throb is a free and open-source JUCE based plugin that generates clock/reset signals synchronised with the host tempo. It is currently available for Windows (VST2 and VST3, 32/64 bit) and OS X (VST2, VST3 and AU 32/64 bit).
The user interface is pretty simple: a knob to set the multiplier and three radio buttons to configure the clock resolution.
The multiplier is an automation parameter and therefore can be controlled using the respective host functionality. Both the multiplier and the resolution (ppqn) settings are serialized to the preset chunk.
You won't need a DC coupled audio interface, but please avoid sending the output of the plugin directly to your speakers/headphones.

martes, 18 de abril de 2017


bx_subfilter, a freeware utility for adding clarity and definition to the low-end of your mix.

The plugin is based on the common concept of using a resonant high-pass filter to clean up the extreme low end and boost a target frequency range at the same time. Essentially, the filter tames the content below the cutoff frequency and adds clarity and definition at the cutoff point. It’s a pretty neat technique and certainly a good alternative to using a combination of a non-resonant HP filter and peak filter to do the job.

bx_subfilter was developed with this specific technique in mind and I’m pretty sure that Brainworx designed its curve and behavior to translate well to processing the sub-bass frequency range. Apart from the cutoff knob (which is labeled Tight Punch on the user interface) bx_subfilter also features a fixed band-pass filter control which boosts the low end, a resonance control for adjusting the amount of volume boost at the cutoff point, and input/output gain controls.