martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

* Monosynth with Polyphonic ‘string’ section. * Quirky features which first showed up on the 1981 Concertmate MG-1 are properly implemented. *The GUI overlays complex audio processing ‘algorithms’ - unique to Manx & which have taken years to develop - in an effort to give the Gigmate a more authentic analog sound. * Midi Learn for all parameters; Patch memory system with full library. * Sample & Hold , Ring Modulation, Osc sync, audio frequency LFO, and more besides..........

Side by side monophonic & polyphonic modes are authentically reproduced and it's not merely a gimmick - it effectively gives you three oscillators under each key and can lead to some amazing and unique sounds. For version 2 we have totally redesigned the envelope and filter sections; control systems (such as the ‘auto env trigger’) have been improved upon and the patch library has been completely updated to accommodate the version 2’s new dynamics.

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