lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017


FB-3200, a freeware emulation of the Free Korg PS-3200 VST Plugin vintage analog synthesizer.
Following the recent release of the FB-3300 synthesizer and its predecessor, the FB-3100, Full Bucket Music continues ahead with its efforts of resurrecting rare, old Korg synthesizers in plug-in format. The subject of reincarnation this time is the KORG PS-3200 semi-modular synth from 1978. The original instrument’s behavior and controls have been faithfully recreated, FBM claims. That’s also evident from the synthesizer’s interface, which straight-up looks the part.
Other things the FB-3200 has to show synthesizer lovers are band-limited oscillators, classic lowpass filters, an equalizer section, a pair of modulation generators, and a paraphonic envelope generator. The semi-modular design has been upgraded with micro-tuning options and further tweaks like a 4-pole lowpass filter and adjustable resonators. The plugin also responds to note velocity, unlike its hardware counterpart. All parameters are controllable via MIDI CC. A user manual can be downloaded in English and French as well. Like all Full Bucket Music Plugins, the FB-3200 was coded in native C++ to ensure low CPU consumption and stable performance.

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