viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

Thump2 sub bass enhancer

Thump2 is basically a sub bass generator/enhancer effect powered by a couple of envelope driven oscillators that respond independently to the audio signal on the input. It is possible to control the attack and sustain of the amplitude and pitch envelopes, as well as to mix the processed and dry signal on the output. The plugin also provides detailed metering of both oscillators, making it easier to understand how the envelope followers respond to the signal on the input.

The user interface looks nice and comes in three different sizes that can be switched between on the fly (the GUI size control is located in the upper-left corner of the interface). It also features a built-in preset browser with twelve factory patches. The factory presets are a good way to get familiar with Thump2’s controls, along with the well-written user manual in PDF format that is included with the download.

As a mix tool, Thump2 works best for beefing up the low end of acoustic drums, sampled drums and similar percussive material where you don’t have direct control over the pitch. When used on complex material such as a full drum mix, it is advisable to load the plugin on a send channel, so that you can isolate the frequency range on the input with an equalizer. Of course, Thump2 can also be used for a range of more creative purposes, such as generating basslines and comb filter style background textures. The provided dry/wet knob is essentially important when using the plugin as an insert effect. Performance-wise, Thump2 is stable and CPU usage is very low. The plugin used around 1% of available CPU resources on a single core Intel processor during our test in MuLab 6 Free.

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