martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

OSL Chorus

OSL Chorus, a freeware VST/AU plugin which emulates the chorus module found in the Roland Juno 60 hardware synthesizer.

OSL Chorus was designed to sound as close as possible to the original Juno 60 chorus out of the box. However, in contrast to the original unit which offered only two presets, Oblivion Sound Lab’s freeware emulation provides a range of parameters for customizing its sound. This also makes OSL Chorus an interesting, slightly more advanced alternative to Togu Audio Line’s excellent (and also free) TAL-Chorus-LX effect.

The plugin’s control scheme isn’t super-complex or anything like that, but it provides enough versatility to cover a wide range of chorusing flavors. It features LFO rate, modulation depth, and offset parameters, along with a filter cutoff control and dry/wet signal volume adjustments. The LFO controls can take OSL Chorus anywhere from a very subtle chorus effect to a rather aggressive modulation effect, whereas the filter cutoff dial works well for shaping the tone of the effect. This makes OSL Chorus a reasonably flexible chorus unit, much more so than its hardware counterpart. It’s also worth mentioning the the plugin can process both stereo and mono audio sources, meaning that it can be used for adding width to your mono recordings.

The interface looks nice and clean, with a color scheme which only ever so slightly resembles the synthesizer that inspired it. I’d prefer to see those classic Juno blue and yellow highlights, simply for the nostalgia effect. There’s nothing technically wrong with the GUI, though, and it’s a joy to use. The CPU usage (or lack thereof, to be precise) is another good reason to add OSL Chorus to your plugin arsenal.

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