martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Synth1 - patches

Over 14.000 free patches for Synth1

There are over 14.000 presets/patches/sounds available for the excellent freeware virtual instrument Synth1, all downloadable in various ZIP files that you can put in a folder and then access without having to unpack them.

I just made life much easier for you by taking the 167 available free banks I know about, cleaning them up, and then putting them in a single ZIP file you can download. Click here to get it.
So - after you download the ZIP file, unpack it to a folder of your choice. Just make sure it's on your computer's internal hard drive. Then open Synth1 and click the "Opt"-button, then the "Browse"-button on the right side, and select the folder you just unpacked the ZIP-file to.

Now when you want to use the banks, click the fields next to the "Opt"-button, which will open this dialogue:

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