viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

Acustica-Audio Ochre EQ

Ochre Free is the first release in Acustica-Audio’s new series of plugins which aren’t based on any specific hardware device (please correct me in the comments section if I’m wrong about this, though). The download pack is around 100 MB in size so there’s definitely some Acustica-Audio dynamic hardware IR capturing going on here. The performance is flawless and the CPU hit is below 8% at all times, even with all three bands and the preamp stage active.
The sound is what you’d expect from an Acustica-Audio plugin, warm and organic. Wheat really makes Ochre Free stand out though is the high frequency band, which sounds incredibly well even when pushed to its limits. It’s the perfect tool for adding that final bit of air and sparkle to your finished mixes. With a nice broad Q setting and 3-6 dB of gain added around 22 kHz, you’ll probably get a nicely enhanced top end.

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