sábado, 23 de enero de 2016


HY-Delay emulates old digital delay units from the 80s, such as the RDD-10 and RDD-20 models by Boss. These old school digital delays were actually 12-bit, which is why they have a peculiarly gritty and lo-fi signal quality. To make things even more interesting, each repeat sounds a bit more distorted than the previous one. As you already know, lo-fi does not necessarily mean bad in the audio world, so it’s no surprise that these old delay effects have somewhat of a cult status, albeit not on the same level as vintage tape delays.
In order to achieve this type of sound, HY-Delay features a bitcrusher module on the input, allowing the user to manually set the amount of bitcrushing that will be applied to the signal before it reaches the feedback circuit. The plugin also includes a pair of filters which can be used to shape the delayed signal.


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