sábado, 23 de enero de 2016


EQ1A, a great little analog-style parametric equalizer packed in a tight user-friendly interface. Mellowmuse surprised everyone when they re-released this rather capable little EQ as a freebie, since it was originally available as a commercial product priced at $49 (first released in December 2011).
EQ1A is the kind of equalizer you reach for when you want to make broader tonal adjustments. It is very easy on the CPU, so adding it to multiple tracks throughout the mix won’t affect the overall performance too much. You can use the plugin to cut out the unnecessary low end rumble and high end hiss, as well as to boost or cut more precisely in the mid range with the Low Mid and High Mid frequency bands. EQ1A hits that perfect balance of usefulness and simplicity, which makes it one of our favorite channel equalizers on the freeware market.


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