domingo, 7 de junio de 2020

Ton-Geraet 1 (SyS TG1)

SyS TG1 features a dual-voice architecture with wave-morph sequencing, frequency modulation, and a few other interesting sound-shaping tools. SyS TG1’s main standout feature is the wave-morph sequencer which draws inspiration from the legendary SID sound chip which was used in Commodore 64 home computers. The sequencer included in SyS TG1 mimics the behavior of the SID chip’s generic wavetable sequencer but without its 8-bit limitations. The wave-morph sequencer will smoothly morph between waveform shapes as the sound is playing, resulting in a uniquely complex sound character with plenty of overtones and subtones.

SyS TG1 comes with a range of other interesting synthesis features, too. There’s the 12-bit low-pass filter inspired by the Akai S-1000 hardware sampler. A dual LFO unit is installed for handling modulation, along with per-voice DADSR envelopes. Things get even more interesting with the “Stoerstrahlung” button which emulates the unstable behavior of analog gear. As the developers at SyS Audio Research describe it, this control simulates the way in which music generated by analog instruments and sequencers would sound completely different after playing continuously for several hours. 
Another handy option for sonic manipulation comes in the form of SyS TG1’s multiple oscillator routing modes. The mixing-routine switch on the back of the GUI is used to choose between additive, subtractive, inverse subtractive, and “multiply” routing for the two voltage-controlled oscillators.

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