lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2019

Devil soundz

Devil is a two oscillator analog subtractive wave table synthesize

Devil Bass Module
3 oscillators. The first oscillator is for the low basses the second oscillator is for mid basses and the third oscillator is for high basses.

Devil Drummr
Devil Drummr is a drum sampler that loads 16-bit wav files and has 11 parts. One part for each of bass, kick, snare, tom low, tom high, hi hat, cymbal and clap. Devil Drummr also has three extra parts for adding different instruments whether it be a triangle, bell, conga, shaker or sound fx or whatever you want.

Devil Reverb
Devil Reverb is a great sounding reverb for adding that extra melody and warmth to your instrument.

Vocal Reverb
Vocal Reverb works seamlessly with your vocals. Vocal Reverb has that perfect ambiance, tone and harmonics to match your vocals whether you have a real deep voice to a really high voice. Vocal Reverb doesn't have any after tone (or tail) either. So you can program Vocal Reverb to sound just like your voice while Vocal Reverb adds just that right amount of ambiance, tone and harmonics to your vocals.

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