jueves, 27 de junio de 2019

XSRDO Analogy Modular Synthersizer

XSRDO Patchwork Modular System is a true modular synthesizer. You can choose what modules you want, where to put them and how many of them you want. Each module is independent of any other and only becomes active when you start to patch them together in your own creative way.


36 Virtual racks.
More than 50 modules.
Insert any module into any rack.
Insert multiple modules.
Movable modules.
Use of 3rd party wavetables and samples.
Load & Save preset programs.
Very low CPU usage.

- Added new switch to ARP module to select from 16 preset rhythms
- Polyphonic Padwave module
- Padwave Driver Module for pitch envelope mod, filter envelope mod, pitch mod etc...
- Added Slow/Fast option to Random/Noise Generator Module
- Added Slow/Fast option to Random/Noise Generator Module


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