lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017


Molekules is a soundscape generator with ten preset sounds which were created by running a piano sample into the MOLEKULAR modular multi-effects plug-in by Native Instruments. The resulting sounds were resampled, edited, and used as the sound source in this free virtual instrument. Molekules was put together using Maize Sampler, a piece of standalone software that enables easy creation of sample-based instrument plugins.
Quite experimental and unusual to begin with, the sounds in Molekules can be further shaped and adjusted with an ADSR envelope, Pan, and Gain controls; in addition to modulation via LFO with options for Rate, Depth, Waveform, and Destination. Finally, there are two built-in effects: Reverb and Pitch-shift. Whereas the controls are indeed somewhat limited, as is the case with all Maize Sampler creations due to the nature of the software, the modulation features and the built-in reverb do indeed allow for some versatility when editing the factory sounds.

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