miércoles, 20 de septiembre de 2017

SL84 is SmackLabs’ take on the 80 series Neve console EQ. According to the developers, it looks and, more importantly, sounds like the original.

SL84 Console EQ uses impulse responses to capture not just the frequency response of the hardware unit, but also the non-linear quirks such as any dynamic change or sonic distortion that occurs while adjusting the controls. This means the behavior of the EQ will be different depending on the amplitude and other characteristics of the input source.

SL84 has dials for low cut, high cut, low shelf, high shelf, and a mid-frequency band control with optional Hi-Q toggle. The higher Q setting would be useful for more surgical cutting, as opposed to boosting which typically sounds better at a lower Q. The frequency selection points for all of the dials are fixed. The restricted options preserve both the sound and workflow of the original units. The plugin also comes with a bypass button for the filter and EQ for easy A/B comparisons with the original input source.

It promises to be a low-CPU option for an expensive vintage sound.

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