lunes, 13 de junio de 2016


three parallel chained bandpass filters
mostly based on structure of MAM RS3

modes of LFO to filter cutoff
Mode1 = LFO1(+) > BPF1, LFO1(+) > BPF2, LFO1(+) > BPF3
Mode2 = LFO1(+) > BPF1, LFO2(+/-) > BPF2, LFO1(+) > BPF3
Mode3 = LFO1(+) > BPF1, LFO1(-) > BPF2, LFO2(+/-) > BPF3  

You can modulate filter frequencies by LFO and Env Follower.
There are 2 LFO units.
The speed of LFO2 is 1.3 times faster that LFO1.

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