jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Grace sampler

Grace makes up for it with a brilliant workflow and easy access to all of the plugin’s parameters. Building a new sample library from scratch is an incredibly simple task with this plugin.
In addition to the standard sample editing controls, Grace also features a highly flexible modulation section which can help you transform static samples into exciting and lively sounds. It also comes with a nice sounding set of multi-mode filters, a pair of step sequencers and several XY pads which are very helpful in live performance situations.
Following a similar workflow ethic as the one we’ve seen in One Small Clue’s amazing Poise drum sampler, every possible action can be achieved in no more than just a couple of clicks. Building an entirely new preset from scratch (with modulations and everything else) is most often done in a matter of minutes. Compared to various more powerful (and quite often needlessly over-bloated) sampler instruments on the market, Grace is an absolute joy to use.


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