jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Sanford rev + delay

Sanford Reverb was originally priced at $25 when it was first released back in March 2009. The plugin was updated to v2.0 in July that same year, with the price increased to $35 for the full version. The brand new v2.1 iteration of Sanford Reverb is completely free to download from the developer’s website and also compatible with 64-bit systems. This is the third Sanford Sound Design product that was re-released as freeware this year, following Sanford Delay and Bass Tightener.

The plugin is one of the most versatile freeware reverbs on today’s market, at least when it comes to 64-bit compatible products. Sanford Reverb offers ultra precise control over early reflections (three early reflection points per stereo channel with time, pan and level parameters), global pre-delay, time and damp controls, MIDI learn, modulation for emulating cavernous spaces and a pair of filters for tone control. The plugin also features freeze mode for creative sound design. Freeze is one of the most fun features you can find in a reverb effect, definitely worth experimenting with. It works great for enhancing the sound of soloed instruments, lush vocals, or even those huge EDM style build-ups.
The CPU usage is surprisingly low for a reverb plugin. During our test on a single core Intel processor in MuLab 6, the CPU hit never exceeded 3% for a single instance of Sanford Reverb. The plugin strikes a nice balance between a quality reverb sound and low resource consumption, which are the two main qualities of a good reverb effect for everyday use in mixing situations.


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