jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

CL36 Multi-Band Clipper

CL36 is the latest release from J1000, a developer who has provided several truly fantastic freeware mixing tools in the past couple of years. His superb BTQ2 “twist” equalizer was included in BPB’s latest round-up of freeware VST plugins and the CH4D chorus effect is featured in our round-up of the best free chorus plugins. Since the new CL36 is such a unique clipper effect (at least on the freeware market), it’s quite possible that it will be included in this year’s best VST plugin round-up.

The plugin splits the incoming audio signal into three fixed frequency bands (low, mid, high, with variable crossover frequency). The three bands can be turned up or down using the gain knob, muted, and of course processed using the built-in soft-clipper circuit. It is also possible to engage the hard-clipping waveshaping curve, output filtering and global bypass. Finally, the plugin features a handy waveform display for visualizing the combined waveshaping effect of all three channels, as well as the additional M/S processing mode.


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